Just Us...

Just Us...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Starting again...

So...it's been a minute since I've written in here...I guess I can say I've been dealing with some real life issues.

The adjustments alone have been almost more than I can bear, but it's a learning curve and I'm glad for the experiences.

My fiance has been home for five months now. We are living together and that's been the biggest adjustment of them all. It's had it's ups and downs, but even through it all everytime I look at him I am more and more in love with him. It's difficult to get used to a person but with him it's been pretty manageable...

So he's home in March. And like we had both been anxiously anticipating...real life started. The actual physical living in the same house with him hasn't been hard at all. That's been the easy part. Just having him here is the most awesome thing in the world.

Outside of that there have been issues. Finding a job caused a lot of behaviors that neither one of us liked and then the pressure of wanting to move and not being able to and wanting to do things that we were unable to had made for some pretty dark times...but I think I see the light.

My sister and I planned a nice couples getaway retreat for June. My sister had just graduated from college and we were ready to get away and do some things.

We spent an awesome week in Daytona Beach. Stayed in a condo right on the beach. Got a chance to visit some theme parks and walked the boardwalk and just hung out a bit. This was my fiance's first real vacation like that and since we left on his birthday I wanted it to be special for him since he spent his last one in the heat of Afghanistan.

It was a great time and something that I'm sure we'll remember for a while to come.

Once we got home it was time to start planning the wedding which was supposed to take place in August. So the planning began. We had a small engagement party back in May so the wedding party members could all meet. That was a great time too even though some of the guys didn't make it out.

We had planned the bridal shower and my "waiting to exhale" party and then bomb number one dropped. We had to change the date due to some unforseen legal circumstances that I won't get into the details of. That was a blow that disappointed me more than anything but I worked toward getting past it.

Once I did that and had a reality check I made the necessary adjustments to change the date of the wedding. had to get the deposit back from the reception hall and then choose a new date. We got the date changed and squared away with the Pastor of the church. I had found a restaurant with a banquet hall that had a decent price and did everything including cake and decorations.

Then I went into a standstill mode. I went into the maybe this wedding isn't going to happen mode...it made me depressed and I just didn't want to talk about it. So I didn't. To anybody. But it was riding in the back of my mind that maybe we weren't going to have a wedding after all...I began to get scared that this wedding we wanted everyone to see was going to go bust...I felt like we were running out of time and we were never going to find a place to have this reception.

Then one night I went to help my friend do a cake tasting at a VFW Hall. It was gorgeous inside. When I inquired about renting it the lady told me that every Saturday was booked all the way to January 2011...busted again...

A few more weeks went by...then one day when I was bored at work I hit up the internet. And I found the most gorgeous American Legion Hall I'd ever seen. So I called and lo and behold our date was open!!!

The following Saturday we went to look at the place and it was perfect. Everything we needed. So we put a deposit on it and now we are set on that...now we are preparing for the final stages of planning.

It's exciting and scary at the same time.

I want to have a nice wedding. But more than that I dream every night of becoming Mrs. Hansel Von Fritzgerald. I've been waiting my entire life for this. And I feel like whatever the storm may bring we'll end up on top of it.